A delightful, not too sweet, not too crunchy, biscotti to enjoy with your tea and coffee.


Contains: Tree Nuts, Eggs, Dairy, Coconut


Per Serving: According to CarbManager


Calories    188.5    
Total Carbs 16.1g    
  Net Carbs  2.9g    
  Diab. Net Carbs 6.3g    
  Fiber    6.3g    
  Starch    ---    
  Sugar 1.0g    
  Added Sugar    ---    
  Sugar Alcohols 6.9g    
Protein    4.7g    
Fat    15.4g    
  Monounsat. Fat    1.5g    
  Polyunsat. Fat    0.2g    
     Omega-3 Fat    0.0g    
  Omega-6 Fat    0.2g    
  Saturated Fat    7.0g    
  Trans Fat    0.2g    
Glycemic Load    ---    

Keto Chocolate Chip Biscotti